Rosie O’Donnell’s wayward daughter reveals home life of unbridled banality, in exclusive tell-nothing interview

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 by

The Daily Mail recently ran an exclusive interview with Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter, Chelsea. According to the headline, Chelsea “breaks her silence” about her mother — but it turns out that she didn’t have much to keep silent about.

Among Chelsea’s accusations is that Rosie is “not genuine a lot of the time.” Another revelation is that Rosie likes to sleep late, lounge around the house, smoke weed and engage in other behaviors uncharacteristic of wealthy celebrities.

But at least Rosie has apparently given up beer for wine, as Chelsea reveals: “She would drink beer when we were growing up but after her heart attack she couldn’t. Now I think she drinks wine.”

Another crazy thing about Rosie is that she bought the house next door and turned it into an “arts and crafts house.” According to Chelsea, “She goes and spends all day down there,” where she does a lot of painting and listens to Madonna. “It has paint all over the floors and walls, it’s kind of a mess but it’s still nice.” The special house also has “a desk and computer in there and little stools around tables.”

But those aren’t the only crucial details about her mother’s furniture that Chelsea revealed in this silence-breaking interview.

“Most of the furniture is regular like at anyone’s house. There’s a comfy sofa which you can nap on. But there is so much space, that it never really feels homey. There’s a TV room where you push a button and a big screen comes down to watch movies on. The kitchen is big, it has a marble-topped island for cooking on and lots of gadgets. There’s a wooden kitchen table with a glass top. It was Rosie’s old table from her art room, so it’s covered in paint.”

There’s also a swimming pool, but of course there’s no gym. Because, as Chelsea notes, “Rosie doesn’t work out.”



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