Seth Rogen slurs Ben Carson, as the left attacks an apostate to their radical agenda

Friday, October 16, 2015 by

In what can only be described as the self-embodiment of the political frustrations, many of the left are expressing their feelings toward Presidential candidate Ben Carson very aggressively. Actor Seth Rogen took to his certified Twitter account to echo a message heralded from GQ and other outlets earlier in the week of blunt hatred toward the African American neurosurgeon turned politician.

These kind of uncouth yelps are being heard across the board from many who associate themselves with left-leaning political issues. This is especially so since Doctor Ben Carson has pointedly struck a nerve with those in our country who hate fundamental conservative perspectives and constitutional constraints.

John Nolte from Breitbart did a great job summarizing this paradigm poetically, “Black conservatives who talk about self-reliance from the government infuriate the Left. A black man who strays from the Liberal Thought Plantation is an existential threat to the Democratic Party. As we saw more than 20 years ago with Clarence Thomas, these kinds of irrational Hate Campaigns are the default position of the Left and the media when faced with an apostate.” In the end, doesn’t the left realize that these acts only end up serving as an affirmation of effectiveness?




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