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10 shocking facts you never knew about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales

Now that the truth about Wikipedia being a blackmail extortion racket has emerged, people are starting to connect the dots on the criminality and corruption that dominates the discredited disinfo site.

Not only was Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales a “porn king” who sold online pornography before launching Wikipedia, we also know that wikipedia deliberately censors large categories of truthful information on natural healing, the dangers of vaccines, the crimes of Hillary Clinton, the corruption and criminality of the biotech industry and much more.

Here are the top 10 shocking facts you probably never knew about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales.

1) Wikipedia claims to be run by “volunteers” but is actually edited by corporate-paid trolls on many topics such as GMOs, vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals.

Jimmy Wales likes to fraudulently claim Wikipedia is run by “thousands of volunteers.” What he leaves out is the fact that many of those “volunteers” are actually paid by drug companies, food giants and the biotech industry to exploit editing privileges in order to censor information they don’t want the public to see. The fact that Wales continues to allow anonymous editing across Wikipedia means any corporate troll can alter information in Wikipedia pages to benefit the financial interests of that corporation (or government, or industry group, etc.).

“Wikipedia is ‘anti-science’ and not a quality reference for natural health topics, organic food research, infectious disease research, cancer research, holistic medicine research and knowledge,” says the Jimmy Wales page on Wikipedia is “…rife with error, bias, and omission of some of the most important facts in the realms of health, environmental safety and agricultural sustainability,” adds the TruthWiki page on Wikipedia. “The information in Wikipedia is filtered to remove any talk of natural remedies, natural cures and organic medicine, referring to anything that is not lab-made as quack medicine, anti-science or even conspiracy theory.”

2) Before launching Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales ran a porn site network called “Bomis” that featured “Bomis Babes.”

Here’s a picture of Jimmy Wales posing with a couple of porn stars in an ad to promote Bomis Babes:

Here are some of Jimmy Wales’ porn offerings, which included “Russian Babes” and porn favorites like “Nikki Nova” and “Busty Blonde Babes”:

Jimmy Wales’ commercial exploitation of women is on display in this ad from Bomis Babes, which states, “This is your chance to see top notch models bare it all for the incredible price of only $2.95!”

And here’s some of the “premium” content you’d get from Bomis, if you only pay Jimmy Wales some money:

3) Jimmy Wales broke up with his girlfriend by posting a message on Wikipedia. She responded by saying “You are the sleazebag I always suspected you were… You are an absolute creep.”

The woman who Jimmy Wales dumped on Wikipedia wasn’t too happy about the integrity of Wales himself. In a private email to Jimmy Wales which she shared with ValleyWag (Gawker), she writes:

I only have one thing to say to you: You are the sleazebag I always suspected you were, and should have listened more carefully to my gut instincts — and to my friends . No, in fact, you are much, much worse than I ever expected. You are an absolute creep, and it was a colossal mistake on my part to have gotten involved with you. Now, my suspicions about you have been proven dead-on. I never again want anything to do with you, and though I have every intention of putting all of this behind me ASAP (which will be VERY easy to do, given the disgusting reality), I am happy to tell anyone who happens to ask precisely what I think of you. There is nothing good left to say whatsoever. Goodbye Jimmy, and good riddance.

4) Wales’ girlfriend auctioned off the clothes he left behind in her New York apartment, selling them on eBay

My name is Rachel and my (now ex) boyfriend, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, just broke up with me via an announcement on Wikipedia. It was such a classy move that I was inspired to do something equally classy myself, so I’m selling a couple of items of clothing he left behind, here in my NYC apartment, on eBay.

She also characterizes Jimmy Wales’ posts about the breakup as a “whitewash.” And that’s a term that erupts over and over again when looking at everything Jimmy Wales has tried to cover up about his own sleazy past, his mafia-style Wikipedia operations and his exploitation of the popularity of the Wikipedia platform as his own personal content weapon machine used to target people he doesn’t like.

As Dave Winer posts on this comment about the breakup story, “Wikipedia, the publication that Wales runs, has rules that prevent people from editing stories they have an interest in. Wales was trading edits to Rachel Marsden’s profile for sex.”

He also adds:

Wikipedia, unlike Valleywag, is widely thought to be authoritative. Those of us it covers who are not friends with Wales know that it is far from authoritative. Both Valleywag and Wikipedia are pretty sleazy, imho, but Valleywag disclaims it, and Wikipedia pretends not to be., which seems to have removed the ValleyWag posts cited above, does carry this interesting review of Jimmy Wales entitled, The Last Temptation Of Jimbo Christ: A Non-Nerd Cheatsheet To The Wikipedia Founder’s Downfall.

It says:

[Jimmy Wales is] … a dude who picks up chicks using his own online encyclopedia. [He] violated the rules of his own holy church. He met Marsden when she asked him to fix her Wikipedia entry…

The Clintonesque precision [of Jimmy Wales’ whitewashed response] helps Jimbo avoid admitting that his non-relationship with Marsden included all the dirty IMs about having sex in hotel rooms. So Jimmy gets to break site policy to intervene in some hot woman’s profile, talk dirty to her, brag to her about his plans to beat Google, bang her, then wash his hands clean of his own affair and pretend he’s still untainted. Why doesn’t he just run with it and get all the notable women of the world to spend a night with him so he’ll tweak their profiles? That seems more fun.

5) Jimmy Wales is a key operator of the “Hillary Clinton protection network” that cleanses the Clinton entry of all facts about Hillary’s crimes and acts of treason against America

As you’ve seen over and over again, Jimmy Wales goes to great lengths to alter or remove any negative information posted about him. It’s also noteworthy that a shockingly large number of links across various online publishers — such as WIRED — have magically disappeared over the years, perhaps indicating Wales is strong-arming these publications into aligning with his own revisionist history.

Because Wales seems to go out of his way to attack and defame conservatives, it’s not surprising to find a profile of Wales on, which offers this enlightening observation:

Wales describes himself as a communitarian (someone who could be said to be “radical center”, meaning they agree with the left on issues relating to the economy, such as the need for environmental protection and public education, but not on cultural issues, but instead generally agree with the right or conservatives on cultural issues, such as support for character education and faith-based programs). The revisions have since been deleted by liberal Wikipedia administrators wishing to protect Jimmy’s public image. Editors trying to make this point in Wikipedia are routinely profiled, stalked, harassed, slandered, and banned. An irony of internet history is that Jimmy Wales, despite being an atheist, refers to himself as Wikipedia’s “spiritual leader.”

But it isn’t just Jimmy Wales himself who gets special protection by the “edit protection mafia,” it’s also none other than Hillary Clinton.

As reports:

Despite the steady wave of scandals that have begun to erode even the New York Times’ portrayal of Hillary Clinton, her image remains unblemished on Wikipedia. Since he first started editing her page in June 2005, Hillary’s “Wikipedia watchdog” has been guarding against slanders, accusations, unfair assumptions, and distortions on the high-traffic, heavily footnoted, highly policed Hillary Rodham Clinton Wikipedia page.

Hillary’s Wikipedia article consistently comes up near the top in a Google search for her name and earns hundreds of thousands of views each month. The New York Times may grow scandal-weary, but Hillary’s Wikipedia watchdog remains steadfast in protecting her highly influential profile.

Once again, therein lies the whole problem with Wikipedia. It is granted huge search engine credibility by Google, yet on many topics it is run by what can only be characterized as an “edit mafia” with a very definite conflict of interest. All the pages on GMOs, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, for example, are run almost exclusively by “volunteers” who actually have financial links to pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms.

Jimmy Wales doesn’t have a problem with Wikipedia functioning as a slander engine as long as it doesn’t slander HIM or his political and corporate friends. And that is precisely what makes Wikipedia utterly non-credible on such topics.

6) Wikipedia also distributed child porn. “The parent company of Wikipedia is knowingly distributing child pornography…” said Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia

According to a former high-level Wikipedia executive, under the direction of Jimmy Wales Wikipedia also distributed child porn.

“The parent company of Wikipedia is knowingly distributing child pornography, the co-founder of the online encyclopedia says, and he’s imploring the FBI to investigate,” reported Fox News in 2010.

“Larry Sanger, who left Wikipedia in 2002, said Wikimedia Commons (the parent company of Wiki products including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews and Wikiquote) is rife with renderings of children performing sexual acts,” Fox reports.

After WorldNetDaily also exposed the pornography and child porn links to Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger wrote to WND and said:

Very amusing article about Jimmy Wales! Knowing him as I do, none of it came as any surprise at all. He doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.

7) Jimmy Wales openly despises natural medicine and the healing arts, deliberately allowing corporate-funded Wikipedia editors to disparage authors, naturopaths, doctors and practitioners who help people heal

Jimmy Wales has been accused of many things, including trading Wikipedia edits for sex, exploiting his editorial position over a female editor, inappropriate personal expenses he racked up to the tune of thousands of dollars – all billed to the Wikipedia Foundation. After all, had Bomis not focused on x-rated media, Wikipedia probably wouldn’t exist today. In all its problems with accuracy, bias and misinformation, Wikipedia is a mecca of disinformation and repeatedly violates its own pledge of neutrality in views, especially when it comes to information on alternative health.the Jimmy Wales page on

8) Jimmy Wales once thought he was going to create a “Google killing” search engine, buy a corporate jet and have sex on it with his girlfriend.

Here’s the chat log:

9) Jimmy Wales refers to himself as Wikipedia’s “Spiritual Leader.”

But Jimmy Wales is a devout athiest.

A former Wikipedia executive told Natural News that Jimmy Wales believes in “Hardcore atheism, a dedication to scientism and a deep disdain for humanity.”

10) The Wikipedia extortion racket is a reflection of the total lack of ethics practiced by Jimmy Wales himself

Wikipedia editors have been caught red-handed running a blackmail extortion racket. The Wikipedia mafioso threatened small businesses to either pay up or have their reputations smeared on Wikipedia. “[H]undreds of small British businesses and minor celebrities have been targeted by a high-level blackmail scam that was orchestrated by ‘rogue editors’ at Wikipedia,” we reported last week.

Learn more truths about Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia in this video:

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