Paul Joseph Watson ROASTS celebrity hypocrites as they virtue signal their hatred for Trump – Watch at

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards was this year, and as usual, practically every celebrity who had the opportunity to speak used it as a platform to attack President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that many of these hypocritical goons are guilty of the very things they claim they hate about the president, these “#MeToo slacktivists,” as political commentator Paul Joseph Watson calls them, never let an opportunity slip by in which they’re afforded a platform to lecture the world with their virtue signaling crap.

Watch at as Watson roasts these entertainment prostitutes for trying to capitalize on a contrived political movement for personal gain, all the while demonstrating that they know nothing of the decency or virtues they claim to represent.

These flagrant hypocrites, Watson explains, were quick “to lecture us about the objectification of women while girls with little more than paint covering their tits jiggled around on stage, and while the audience whooped and hollered for Hillary Clinton, a woman who publicly attacked and privately intimidated actual rape victims.”

“Hollywood (is) so upset about harassment of women it invited a serial enabler of it to read a book at the Grammys,” tweeted one individual, pointing out the hilarious irony of having Clinton speak via video-cast at the #MeToo fest.

Jay Z, Big Sean, and other millionaire rappers present at #MeToo Grammys all sing about assaulting and raping women

No better was the lineup of rappers present at the Grammys, many of whom have “songs” that speak openly about degrading, assaulting, and even raping women.

• Big Sean, a key figure at the #MeToo Grammys, wrote a song about raping conservative commentator Ann Coulter. He was also arrested for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, which makes him a pedophile.

• Kendrick Lamar, who was lauded in an article written by Lisa Respers France as being “[t]he political performer we need,” refers to women on his latest album as “rats, hoes, and b*tches.”

• Rick Ross, a Grammy nominee, celebrated date rape in a song he wrote entitled “U.O.E.N.O.” Ross lost his Reebok contract after this song was released, but was still invited to the Grammys.

• Tyler the Creator, another Grammys icon, showed his respect for women by telling his listeners in a song to “rape a pregnant b*tch.”

• And who could forget Jay Z, who’s likened himself to Jesus while also bragging that he used to sell crack cocaine to black people on the streets of New York. Jay Z claims to be an ardent supporter of the #MeToo, despite one of his most popular songs containing the line: “You know I thug ’em, f*** ’em, love ’em, leave ’em, ’cause I don’t f***in’ need ’em.”

“Jay Z cares so much about women, he cheats on his wife, the mother of his two daughters – a perfect role model,” jokes Watson.

The good news is that almost nobody watches the Grammys anymore. Viewership reached an all-time low during this most recent Grammys spectacle, suggesting that the #MeToo whores are getting their hypocritical message out to pretty much nobody these days.

“Just like the NFL, everyone is sick to the back teeth of you injecting identity politics into absolutely everything,” says Watson.

“The more you blithely regurgitate the same brain-dead, progressive cliches, the less people care. Newsflash, idiots: you’re not Che Guevara. You’re mindless celebrities. Save us hysteria. Save us the tedious virtue signaling. Drop the politics. Just shut up and sing.”

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