Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, now under criminal investigation for college admissions fraud

The Feds are reportedly now pursuing Olivia Jade, the daughter of disgraced Full House actress Lori Loughlin, for her alleged involvement in what the mainstream media is now calling “the largest ever college admissions scandal” in history.

According to reports, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently sent a letter to Olivia Jade, notifying her of the department’s intent to go after her, and with “ominous” language suggestive that the department could be pursuing additional charges and defendants.

One individual who claims to have seen the letter told the media that it’s “a not-so-veiled threat” against Olivia Jade, who’s alleged to have been admitted to the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles not for her merits, but because her mother, Lori, bribed officials at the school with a $500,000 cash “donation.”

“[The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts] is making it pretty clear that they have evidence that very strongly suggests [Olivia Jade] knew of the illegal plot,” this same individual is quoted as saying. “It is clear that some students are going to be charged.”

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When will corrupt USC real estate magnate Rick Caruso be held criminally liable for his involvement in the admissions scandal?

When the news first broke about the scandal, Olivia Jade was reportedly sailing aboard the yacht of real estate mogul and billionaire Rick Caruso, who chairs USC’s Board of Trustees – which is a bit ironic, considering Olivia Jade was admitted to USC under the false pretense of being a recruit to the school’s crew team.

We haven’t heard much about Caruso as this saga has continued to unfold, as much of the focus has centered around Loughlin and her family, as well as the other celebrity families that similarly participated in the admissions fraud scheme. And the question remains as to why?

Considering Olivia Jade was aboard Caruso’s private yacht during a spring break excursion in the Bahamas when the scandal first broke, it would appear as though this celebrity’s daughter wasn’t just any old USC student – she was clearly a “VIP” student with special access to the wealth and success of one of USC’s top dogs, whom it would seem had to have known that Olivia Jade was not, in fact, actually part of USC’s crew team.

Caruso, of course, played ignorant concerning the matter, expressing sentiments like “disturbed” and “saddened” to describe his alleged feelings after the news broke. He further indicated in a statement that USC had “fired the alleged wrongdoers,” which apparently didn’t include himself.

But that’s all we’ve heard since, with Caruso refusing to provide any additional comment about what he may or may not have known about the scandal, seeing as how he apparently had a cozier-than-normal relationship with Olivia Jade.

As upsetting as it might be that Lori Loughlin bribed her daughter’s way into being admitted to USC, it’s at least as upsetting, if not more so, that USC leadership obviously participated as well – and, as far as we can tell, isn’t being held accountable with prosecution and jail time.

“Colleges have actively encouraged ‘contributions’ from major ‘donors’ for decades with a pretty clear understanding that your kid is not likely to get overlooked in the selection process if you’re a big donor,” pointed out one Zero Hedge commentator, suggesting that colleges like USC and the crooks who run them need to be criminally prosecuted just like the celebrities are from whom they accepted bribes in the first place.

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